quarta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2011


Komono Wizard BlackKomono Wizard GreenKomono Wizard RedKomono Wizard White


"In a multicolored world we are all Komonists.
Digging deep into the past to bring you a brighter future: we offer you a great escape from daily routine, into a higher state of consciousness and style. We inject color into a grey world. Our world of retro-futuristic accessories will tickle your senses. No Brave New World, no Big Brother, no mass production dystopia.
In the Komono Universe, all men and women are equal. We take fashion to the streets and culture to the clubs. We put the sex back into unisex. Cosmic colors and stellar styles come together in an individual and wearable collection for every person out there. Looking good was never this easy.
Komonism knows no constraints, no rules, no targets. Live and prosper in total freedom and happiness."